What is Cysteine ?
Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid which considered a building block in proteins that function with other proteins already existing in hair to achieve straightness , strength , and smoothness of hair . Cysteine gives more brightness and provides hair protection of any further damage by creating a shield around the hair which makes the hair much softer . Cysteine also works on releasing all hair curls , frizz and waves to reach highest level of straightness as well as it goes deep inside the roots of the hair to nourish the hair and enhance the growth process so the hair becomes healthier and stronger .

What is Cysteine Treatment Technology ?
Cysyein Treatment Technology is one of the newest techniques used in hair straightening and which is beginning to spread rapidly in markets due to amazing results and positive feedbacks from consumers . This technology is suitable for all hair types ( Dry , Natural , Damaged , Colored ) and also it gives a high level of straightness , softness and brightness . The effectiveness of this technology could last for 10 to 12 months in case customers commit to the post application precautions and instructions .
What makes this technology so special is that cysteine is composed of more than 25 oil extracted from natural fruits and also chemicals free . Cysteine treatment gives hair the desired straightness for a long time without changing original structure of hair . This treatment is considered safer and more effective than Kreatine treatment , it also gives softness and brightness since it works on the roots .
The effectiveness of the treatment doesn’t decrease with time and the hair remains straight , manageable and suits every style for whatever occasion . Finally , Cysteine treatment technology can be used to children and pregnant women with no side effects.